Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Evening of Prayer

This past Wednesday, I got the opportunity to lead the group in a discussion about prayer.  We discussed our past experiences with different kinds of prayer, and then read prayers in a variety of styles. Then, we turned out the lights, lit candles, and spent some time writing our own prayers.  Some of our prayers are shared below.


Holy One

I’m so grateful that I have tasted, seen, delighted and been dependent on your presence. But these days I feel blind and bland, ignorant and mindless. Forgive God for I long to be energized, to be connected, to be loving. I want my will to be what creates harmony, that brings affirmation, acceptance and authenticity. I want to feel. I want to bee. I want to serve. May my hands be your hands. My eyes your eyes. My heart your heart. Meet me, mold me, shape me to be the fully alive child you have created me to be.


Dear God,
I want to have the completely generous spirit of Jesus, even though part of me is skeptical, like that's so unrealistic.  Which of course it is, and that's the point.
Give me the ability to work toward unrealistic and unattainable goals because they're too beautiful to give up on.  And forgive my cynicism (that says, what's the point of praying for the world - if it were going to work, maybe it would have worked by now).
So, even if I don't totally believe it:
Be with those who are suffering, and ease it.
Melt hearts that are hard and full of hatred, especially those in positions of power
Let your divine presence fill up the world with something holy and good
Sometimes I feel like the only thing that will "save the world" is a miracle, and so I'll pray for one. 


Fear Not
as I am here,
My blessed child...
You are not alone.
I will be here to guard you and protect you,
Wherever you are,
throughout the passing of time.

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