Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reconnecting and Reflecting

At our first gathering after the summer break, Shelly led us through a "poem" writing exercise that enabled us to reflect on what happened in our lives this summer and envision what life this fall will be like. Below are excerpts from each of us!

We also enjoyed a food meditation on a strawberry which means we ate one strawberry very slowly and intentionally. We reflected on each sense and how that helped us experience the strawberry fully. Shelly reminded us to savor all that we experienced this summer just as we were able to savor that one strawberry. We were also reminded to fully experience everything we will encounter this fall no matter how busy we get. When life seems to be passing quickly, stop and check in with each sense.

I am from...

summer thunderstorms and fireflies
my tiny kitchen
sunny and spicy food
baby noises
a big, wobbly, mellow, creaky house full of raggedy chairs and books and cookies and the occasional flea

I am from...
"Words are hard."
"I love you."
"Hella angry!"

I am from...
Anja and Amanda
My amazing staff
Raquel, Valeria, y Gustavo
Julian, Jen, and Michael
Anna, Mom, Dad, and Tim
Jeff, Sebastian, Mirabelle, and Ethan

I will experience...
art class
my computer's fan
60 unfamiliar faces
that wonderful gym smell

I will experience...
New and old housemates
Old and new friends
German and Art instructors
A professor with questionable fashion sense

I am hoping...
to read hundreds of books
be close to my desk
energetic and empowered
academic triumph

I invite God...
to bring compassion into both peace and chaos
to give me strength
to heal broken communities
to make himself felt in my life
to help me make it to worship every Sunday

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  1. Hi Sara....I always like to find Progressive Christians :o)
    My daughter in law is Pastor of a Progressive Methodist Church in CA. she is 26--it's her first church.
    Anyway....thanks for liking my tortilla soup.